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Avocado pitting machine mod. KAV2 with two cutting lines

Avocado Pitting Machine Mod. KAV2 with two cutting lines The KAV2 pre-cuts the Avocado separating it into two halves and allows its pitting*.
The machine is suitable to pit fruit even if not perfectly graded. All parts in touch with fruit are for alimentary and hygienic purposes and the structure is completely in stainless steel.
Avocados are unloaded into the Feeder and, from it, placed on conveyor belts to the Cutting Station that, thanks to special series of three circular blades, divides the fruits. Then they are downloaded on a special chute for further processings.
* pitting depends on the fruit variety and its ripeness

Technical Characteristics: 
  • Size fruit from 30 to 80 mm.
  • Production rate 250 fruits per minute
  • Installed power 3 Kw.
  • Water consumption 8 l/min
  • Length 4.830 mm.
  • Width 1.420 mm.
  • Height 2.260 mm.
  • Load Height 1.550 mm.
  • Descharge Height 500 mm.
  • Weight 1.250 Kg.